i2 Ethics

Advanced Lite Reporting Channel

The i2 Ethics Advanced Lite Reporting Channel is a comprehensive solution, perfect for medium and large businesses and multinational companies with up to 500 employees, which provides all the tools required for the proper management and channelling of reports, through procedures approved by customers.

Our advanced lite service offers you an exclusive domain for your company, in English and Spanish, with your brand image and adapted text, and customisation options for the reporting form. You can choose to either use an anonymised reporting system, to allow totally anonymous reports, or both.

All reports come with primary management from the i2 Ethics team which, among other benefits, avoids any possible conflict of interest with those responsible for your company’s processing.

Our system is ISO 27001-certified for Information Security, and is hosted on servers located in Europe. We comply with current data protection regulations, both for the application itself and the management of reports.

i2 Ethics has been managing reporting channels for SMEs, medium-sized companies and multinationals since 2011.

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Complaints management

  • We provide your employees, suppliers, customers and shareholders with a completely secure and confidential communication channel.
  • We have the necessary internal processes for your stakeholders to report bad practices confidentially and/or anonymously.
  • We manage all reports received in compliance with current regulations.
  • We maintain contact with the reporter and with your company’s Ethics Committee, confidentially and without the use of email.
  • We are available for our customers at all times.
  • We offer security and protection for both technical and organisational information.
  • Advice regarding good practice in reports management

Complaints reception


  • WEB Channel available 24/7.
  • Hosted on servers external to your Company
  • Creation of a unique and customised domain, for example: https://yourcompany.i2ethics.com
  • In Spanish and English
  • Adaptation of the front-end template for user Access, with Company logos, colours and texts at the customer’s choice.
  • Adaptation of the reporting form, defining inappropriate behaviours or those contrary to the customer’s Code of Ethics or Conduct.
  • Audited and certified servers, located in Europe, which comply with maximum security measures.
  • Encryption of all information stored in the database.
  • Our program allows anonymised and/or totally anonymous reporting, without losing contact with the reporter.
  • Customer databases and periodic backups.
  • The application allows you to attach multiple files.
  • Fully adapted to the Directive (EU) 2019/1937.
  • User or committee Access to the administration area.
  • Quarterly reports