i2 Ethics

Advanced Reporting Channel

i2 Ethics Advanced Reporting Channel is an integrated solution, ideal for Large Enterprises and Multinational companies, which provides all the tools to document, manage and track problems reported from multiple sources.

Our advanced service adapts to the culture of the company, using management procedures conformed to the client and adapting reception channels according to what the customer requests from us.

The advantage of having a self development platform, allows us to be flexible and adaptable to the requirements and to the customer’s needs.


  • We provide employees with a fully confidential communication channel.
  • We have the necessary internal processes so that your interest groups can report malpractices
  • We manage complaints received in compliance with the existing regulations and the Data Protection Act
  • We keep communication with the whistleblower, and the Ethics Committee of its company
  • We prepare monthly and annual statistical reports for the company’s management team
  • We are available to the customer at any time
  • We offer safety and protection of both technical and organizational information
  • We collect all your historical paper or in electronic format and we unify the database platform
  • We recommend solutions for resolving situations received through the Reporting Channel
  • We investigate, if it is required, through a company of our Group authorized by the Ministry of the Interior (optionally)


  • Direct channel via WEB, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Creating a specific application domain, for example https://suempresa.i2ethics.com
  • Multi-language application if your company is Multinational
  • Adaptable to different whistleblower protection laws, personal information and Whistle blowing regulations in countries where the company provides the service
  • Front-End template design for the user’s access with corporate logos, colors and texts according to the customer’s choice
  • We include a specific security system through an e-mail address and password verification system. The user does not need to register
  • We create the Reporting Form, including those required questions and mandatory data that the client deems appropriate
  • Reporting Form adapted according to the Ethics Code, defining categories and types of inappropriate or contrary to the Customer Code behavior
  • Domains in a Dedicated Server in Spain that meets the highest security measures. We make no international data transfers
  • Adapted to be used by employees, suppliers and other client’s groups of interest (specific fields are added)
  • Databases and periodic backups according to the customer’s specification
  • Management, installation and configuration of the SSL Security Certificate
  • The application allows attachments, according to MIME types defined by the customer
  • Fully adapted to the Directive (EU) 2019/1937.
  • Access to i2 Ethics Complaints Management Private Area
  • Adaptations of application customization not exceeding 20 technical hours per year after its launch
  • Other methods of reception: Via e-mail, PO, Call Back, Phone Service