i2 Ethics

Reporting Channel Director

i2 Ethics makes available to companies their experience, independence and infrastructure to serve and manage their Reporting Channel.

We work receiving reports from your internal channel, in the language you request, from any jurisdiction, so that may have an effective complaints’ management system and which is accessible to a fixed rate.
We accept a wide variety of complaints’ reports, whether they are business ethics, fraud, compliance, intellectual property or occupational hazards, among others.

About i2 Ethics Director

i2 Ethics Director is a service for the company and for the complainant. We receive reports from complainants, on behalf of their company.

  • If your company already has a reporting channel but has difficulties when making a good management of its internal processing
  • If your company does not have dedicated staff to perform this procedure
  • Your company’s internal reporting channel is not working as it should
  • You know that the complaints you receives are well below the average from its sector
  • Reports are lost
  • The appropriate follow-up reports to be processed in a timely manner are not being done
  • You do not have timely and reliable information on how many complaints are received and which areas are affected
  • Or you just want to outsource your channel to give confidence to your employees
  • Your current external manager is neither timely nor accurate with reports

i2 Ethics Director service features

We support companies to operate effectively their complaints tool:

  • Fixed rate: we receive and manage whistleblowers’ reports
  • Multi-systems: we work with a wide variety of complaints mechanisms (e-mail, CRM, web form, PO box, third-party platforms, telephone systems).
  • Multi-area: we accept reports from different areas of risk (audit, human resources, environment, fraud, ….)
  • Multi-language: we accept reports in all languages
  • Multi-jurisdiction: we accept reports from different jurisdictions (ask us about management in different jurisdictions).


  • Company dedicated exclusively to reporting channels’ management, thus avoiding conflicts of interest
  • The external management from the company complaints gives the channel a more confidential character and mitigates the possible questions from the complainant
  • Our professionals take care of tracking any complaints so no single one remains unaddressed
  • No complaint will go where it should not, thus preserving confidentiality
  • You stop having trouble implementing your channel in other jurisdictions; we give you the appropriate treatment according to each one
  • High security level, all information is handled with the utmost confidentiality and guarantees
  • We take care of the translations
  • No need to change your receiving system
  • A detailed report will be created for each case, in addition to the monthly and annual reports (optional)