i2 Ethics

Essential Reporting Channel

i2 Ethics Essential Reporting Channel is a comprehensive solution for small and medium businesses that provides the essential tools to document, manage and track reported problems from a web platform, managed by i2 Ethics, with a very affordable cost.

i2 Ethics is an external service to your company, which comprises the reception, complaint management, and communication to people which are strictly necessary in the investigation and resolution process. i2 Ethics Professional’s in charge of the service are specialized in risk prevention.


  • We provide employees with a fully confidential communication channel.
  • We offer safety and protection of both technical and organizational information
  • We have the necessary internal processes so that your groups of interest can report malpractices
  • We manage the complaints received, in compliance with Spanish regulations and the Data Protection Act
  • We keep communication with the complainant, and with the Responsible person that your company assigns
  • Manager designated by your company
  • We will periodically send information on complaints received and their treatment status


  • Direct channel via Web, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • A specific domain for the complainant’s access
  • The complainant enters the complaint form through the company’s name
  • The dedicated service servers are in Spain and meet the highest levels of security (SSL certificate, periodic reviews of security of Compliance PCI tools and Anti Hacking)
  • The complaints’ form include those fields and questions that i2 Ethics considers most important through its experience
  • Allows attachment of files of the most commonly used MIME types (word, excel, png, jpg, etc).
  • Fully adapted to the Directive (EU) 2019/1937