i2 Ethics

Optional services

Our Reporting Channels’ services have a number of optional modules to be chosen by our customers.

Complaint Investigations

The investigation is carried out through GAT INTELLIGENCE, a GAT GROUP company, authorized by Ministry of Interior (Home Office).

Reporting Channels’ Training Service

Accessible content via the web platform, traceable on the course users’ actions. Thus, the company can demonstrate that it has fulfilled the training duties of their employees and groups of interest.

Reception of complaints over the telephone

Service of Reception of complaints over the telephone, with immediate attention, and with the possibility of having several languages and available at all times. Especially suitable for companies that have business activities in countries where its staff does not have possibilities to access a computer or Internet

Dissemination Service

Having the possibility of online content regarding issues related to Reporting Channels, in HTML format and in multiple spoken languages.

Call Back

Service whereby i2 Ethics staff contacts the complainant over the telephone, in the language and in the moment that the complainant requests through a web form. An economic option to have an alternative channel to the web application.

Turn your reporting channel into a communication channel

Through differentiated access in the platform and managed directly by the client, the i2 ethics advance service allows you to turn your complaints channel into a broader channel as it allows queries about ethical code, suggestions, surveys, etc.